Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What A World Class Hypocrite America IS

Doesn't Congress Realize The Hypocrisy Of This Fence/Wall?Obviously Not!America Has become World Class Hypocrites when This Barrier was built.Churchill said it so Eloquently when he proclaimed That the The Iron Curtain Casts It's Shadow on Europe.Mr Obama This Fence is Casting a Shadow of Intolerance and Hate on The Western Hemisphere.I Understand that The Iron Curtain was a Metaphor and the Berlin wall was a Physical Part of the Iron Curtain the Real Iron Curtain was the Attitude and Intolerance of East Germany,and The Soviet Union.The Attitudes of Texans and Other Conservative haters coupled with The Fence coins The Metaphor The New Iron Curtain.Bring this Fence down before we build another foot.I am an Army Veteran who Thinks we have our Priorities Screwed up Big Time.America Builds Fences and walls and Ignores the Possibility of Container ships bringing Contraband daily.This makes no sense.This wall be Beached Constantly and quite frankly shall spurn a Black Market Business on The Mexico Side,the business of Smuggling People.The Tunnels will become more and more sophisticated and do nothing but create a way for the cartels to control this Travelers.These Cartels use these people to deal drugs sometimes once they help then enter.These Workers can end up with commitments to the cartels to sling drugs in America for Six Months to repay their debt.Don't think for one second that this only happens in extreme cases.This Happens DAILY.I have personally talked with some of these travelers who were forced to deal drugs and they were scared until they figured out how to break loose.I have helped a few with advice and the TRUTH about their situation and the Politics letting them know they have support from the Local Citizens and Support Groups for the Most Part.The Stories I have heard will break your heart.I was talking with this one guy who just wants to keep on sending his wife and kids money and he was approached by these thugs again after he thought his commitment was Payed in full.The Manipulation is More than criminal it is a Atrocity that God will take care of come Judgement day.This Fence /Wall will never stop these kind of atrocities from happening they only make the situation worse. Stop The Hypocrisy In My Name Now!!

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