Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Supply and Demand Will it Ever End!

America Has an Appetite for Drugs.This Insane Appetite has fueled a Viscous Black Market.That will never Change Unless Something is done to Interrupt The Cycle.The Interruption in the Supply of Cannabis can be done.California will Simply Compete with the cartels and Kick Their Collective Cartel Asses.This will free up Personnel and Money used to fight The war on Cannabis.Left to Focus on Cocaine,Amphetamines and Heroin education and prevention through the therapeutic use of cannabis.

America is The Expert on Creating Supply and Demand Black Markets.The Government knows This!.Maybe they just don't care or the Government actually want to Stimulate the Black Market Economy in Mexico.Building The Fence/Wall is of those jobs where when you are done you don't say "Great Job Look what I Just Built". No God Forgive The United States because This is More Like,"Oh My God What Have WE Built!"Then ask Will it Quell The Supply and Demand Issue.The Only way to quell the issue to be be at cause instead of Reacting.To Cut off demand for their Product and The Demand for The US Product will be Taxed,Regulated and Controlled.Being Proactive and Reducing Harm with Over the counter Cannabis Sales from non profit 501C3 Outlets.In Your Face Cartels,You Have Been Using The United States For Too Long and we want to finally Defeat SOME of your Scummy Operations.I Suppose you will Still have your Evil hands in the Cocaine,Amphetamine and Heroin Barrel so you wont go Broke,Damn It!!America will at least have you out of the Cannabis Commerce Circle unless you Legitimately set up Business and Pay taxes.That wont hurt us!!

There Becomes a Point When Americans Must ask the Question,Can we do Something? This Continuing to Overindulge On the Supply will always create a Supply and Demand Nightmare for The USA.Reducing the Demand Anywhere will effect the Need for a Supply.
There has to be a Start Somewhere.That is in California.The Tax Cannabis 2010 Tax Act will pave the Way.The Solution will start when Harm Reduction centers are Opened and The Supply and demand of Cannabis will Be Under The Citizens Control when it is Regulated,Taxed and Controlled.Organizations Such as The Oaksterdam University are Schooling The Next Generation of Cannabis Commerce.They are assuring the Morals and Objectives are Made Clear.They are Promoting and encouraging Coops and Non Profits.This Kind Of Thinking will Once and For all Take Control of The Supply and Demand of The Cannabis from the Cartels and Give it to the Crazy Citizens of the Good Old USA.

The Harm Reduction Centers will Open and They shall Appear as any other store front.The Supply and Demand in Control in Our own Backyard finally.Mom and Pop Pot Stores coming to a California Jurisdiction Near You Soon,Stay Tuned in!!

The Tax Revenue will be a Boon and the revenue saved Not Prosecuting cannabis Cases will also be a Boon.The CAMP Eradication Program Employees can all work in Dispensaries.They can Sweep the Floor and Clean our toilets.I have some suggestion as to where the CAMP Employees can Go.It's Real Hot!!The day that no more Marijuana Arrests happen will be a great day.That will be soon.That is when the supply and demand issue will no Longer have the Impact it has Now.The Steady Supply of cannabis Money to the Cartels will stop.ABOUT TIME. GOD BLESS ALL