Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Did The Fence Become The Answer??

How Did This Fence /Wall Become the Answer?This is The 21st Century isn't it?These Kind of Barriers are not Needed when there is the Technology to develop something different.

The New Ironic Curtain.There Were some Illegal Latino workers building the Fence/ wall.They will be available to tear it down later too!

The Tunnels That will Be built to accommodate the Guests will be elaborate and some will be Crude.The Crude ones will end up Caving in and there will be many humans Buried alive in their quest to Be American.

This Cartoon Says it Perfectly.The USA will build a 20 Foot fence and Raul will sell 21 Foot Ladders.The Black Market Business will sprout up like Flowers All along the Border.

Barriers that are so Controversial seem hard to build unless the president happened to be Republican at the time and the rest of the country was being fed security scare stories about the Drug War in Mexico and The After Lash of 911.That is all an Excuse though because the real reason is JOBS.The economy taking a nose dive was perfect timing for the Fence supporters.They wanted this fence at any expense.These Overzealous Protectionists can care less about the effect on wildlife and the Deaths it would cause because of the Black market activity that will follow.This one cartoon says it Perfectly.The Cartoon shows the US Building a 20 foot wall and Raul selling 21 foot ladders.This was so funny I am Laughing as I blog.Then the Tunnels that are going to be built will be bigger than the Chunnel between France and England.History will tell the Huge Mistake the United States is making.History will have statistics to prove it.I will not be Alive when the Fence/Wall is torn down because I am a Baby Boomer.The Idea of a Virtual Barrier seemed to work but Boeing turned that into a Fiasco real quick.The Technology is there we just need to develop it.That would be much more Politically correct than an Ugly Fence that is not nice to the wildlife that has NO WORD in the whole debate.WE are speaking up for them.Just consider me a six foot one wild animal and I am PISSED OFF about his stupid Fence.I may be redundant about some of this but for good reasons this is totally unacceptable.That can be Expected from the Ignorance of the Bush administration but the Obama administration has not even touched this political hot potato with a million foot pole.For The Sake of the Human Lives That will be Lost Please Tear The Fence/Wall Down.The Animals ALSO Ask You Obama Tear This Border Fence Down.GOD BLESS ALL

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What A World Class Hypocrite America IS

Doesn't Congress Realize The Hypocrisy Of This Fence/Wall?Obviously Not!America Has become World Class Hypocrites when This Barrier was built.Churchill said it so Eloquently when he proclaimed That the The Iron Curtain Casts It's Shadow on Europe.Mr Obama This Fence is Casting a Shadow of Intolerance and Hate on The Western Hemisphere.I Understand that The Iron Curtain was a Metaphor and the Berlin wall was a Physical Part of the Iron Curtain the Real Iron Curtain was the Attitude and Intolerance of East Germany,and The Soviet Union.The Attitudes of Texans and Other Conservative haters coupled with The Fence coins The Metaphor The New Iron Curtain.Bring this Fence down before we build another foot.I am an Army Veteran who Thinks we have our Priorities Screwed up Big Time.America Builds Fences and walls and Ignores the Possibility of Container ships bringing Contraband daily.This makes no sense.This wall be Beached Constantly and quite frankly shall spurn a Black Market Business on The Mexico Side,the business of Smuggling People.The Tunnels will become more and more sophisticated and do nothing but create a way for the cartels to control this Travelers.These Cartels use these people to deal drugs sometimes once they help then enter.These Workers can end up with commitments to the cartels to sling drugs in America for Six Months to repay their debt.Don't think for one second that this only happens in extreme cases.This Happens DAILY.I have personally talked with some of these travelers who were forced to deal drugs and they were scared until they figured out how to break loose.I have helped a few with advice and the TRUTH about their situation and the Politics letting them know they have support from the Local Citizens and Support Groups for the Most Part.The Stories I have heard will break your heart.I was talking with this one guy who just wants to keep on sending his wife and kids money and he was approached by these thugs again after he thought his commitment was Payed in full.The Manipulation is More than criminal it is a Atrocity that God will take care of come Judgement day.This Fence /Wall will never stop these kind of atrocities from happening they only make the situation worse. Stop The Hypocrisy In My Name Now!!

There is a Better Way

I Feel There is a Better Alternative to Security at the Border without Fencing Mexico out.The First Change is for A Virtual Wall to be Installed with Ready Response Teams to check on Breaches.Imagine someone sitting at a Computer with all the Virtual Barriers in Place.The Wall Actually Provides cover for some of these breaches.The Wall even Blocks Ground Radar.While this fence is being finished and the Reality Sets In there will be new Problems and Issues that arise from the Fence.Really Now if the United States Government thinks it can Keep this Very Long fence from being breached for Profit they are totally Ignorant.Then the Ports are really not secure but we build Fences.The Dolphin Mine Program is one that needs to be expanded.There also needs to be a Sophisticated system of Container X-rays and Sound Wave Technology at the Port.Then the Need for Nuclear detectors may be needed but would seem ignorant if the Bomb was detected just before it went off.There are so many Technologies available to assist the United States in the Goal of Security without Using a Fence.The Fence just seems so Primitive.That is what China Had to do when there was no technology.The Great wall was the Only Solution at the Time.The United States has so many alternatives.GOD BLESS ALL

911 Was Awful But No Excuse for Hate

America Was Attacked.

When America was Attacked on September 11th 2001 WE had a Rude Awakening.Innocent Citizens who never even heard of Al Qaeda were slaughtered anyway.This will always be an Emotional Issue for Many.That is understandable but that is no reason to Build a Barrier to Shut out Mexico.Security seems to be the reason yet the Border seems even more unsecure and extremely dangerous.These violent Criminals not only won't let a Barrier stop them they will profit on the Barrier.The Protection of the Job Market is the Real Reason.The Attack of September 11th did not come from Mexico or any Western Hemisphere Player.The Attacks came from Terrorists that were Born elsewhere.I read a Quote from a Wife of a Fireman who died on 911 one day and She said that the fence should not be built in her Husbands name he would not have approved.September 11th 2001 was a sad Day But Please let's not use this event to keep on being more and more exclusive.I will Never Dishonor what these Brave Public Servants did.There was not am American alive that was not affected somehow that day even if the Events happened A few Thousand miles away.I have heard New Yorkers say WE will never understand in California because it was too far away.I suppose the Grief and Violence was more real to them but we do share a Common Bond.There is a Better way to Secure Borders without Barriers.The Great Wall of Disdain and Intolerance is not the Way. GOD BLESS ALL

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop The Hate

The Hate that is disguised as Patriotism is not what our founding Fathers wanted I'm sure of it.This is a true case of A Mistaken Threat that is only a Fraction of the Actual Threat that the Ports are and America Still builds Fences instead of securing Ports.This is not an attempt at anything short of Fencing our Neighbors out.This Hate was not Necessary during the Mexican American War why is it Needed Now.The True reason is Hate.The Hate for these citizens of the World and fear of a drug war that is going to be an issue no matter what.The same One World Order that Bush was yapping about,or was he yapping about Ordering People around.Bush clearly made me sick when he facilitated the Building of this Fence/Wall.The Congress was acting like a deer caught in the headlights and fear made the decision they say.The real reason was JOBS.This was one real hypocrisy in action when the Building of a Fence was ordered without even a debate reminding the Congress about Churchill's speech about the Iron curtain that "casted it's shadow on Europe",nor a word about Reagan's Speech to Gorbachev to "tear down this wall"inferring to the Berlin Wall.The Hypocrisy is amazing when Phony Security threats are blown up and Jobs are threatened during a recession.Then the fact that most of the Fence/Wall is being built on Conservative areas,even the zone in California has Conservative politics therefore the opposition was not as great as it should have been.Imagine the Idea of Mexico coming up with the plan first I feel they would have been criticized by the Americans who would have been offended.This is blatant hate that needs to Stop now.Stop The Hate America.Mexico was not compensated for California what California was worth.Mexico is a Poor Country that is manipulated by our Government completely and totally.America forgave the War Debts and Handed over some pocket change,Nothing close to the true value now.The Cessation was a sham and Then this hate was salt and alcohol rubbed in the wounds of our Relationship.I feel there aren't too many history buffs out there because this BS is not being Confronted for what it is HATE.I may be just ONE voice But i feel that many citizens feel the same.Send a Letter to Congress telling them what you think and reminding them about the Statue of Liberty and History. GOD BLESS ALL

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken Social Scene

America has a Broken Social Scene and the Solutions aren't to secure borders by building Barriers.The Prisons in America are Full of Citizens who have done drug offenses.Many of these incarcerated citizens are in for cannabis.Imagine the money wasted not only Prosecuting these Citizens but the lost tax revenue is a shame.Competition with the Cartels for the cannabis business is what will take some of the incentive away.The Profit from marijuana can be taken from these Cartels and used for social change and Security through Education.America Busts Cannabis sellers on the corner instead of competing with the cartels and using the cannabis profit to fight The Real Menace Poverty and Lack of Education or an Alluring Alternative.The Negative Incentive will be eliminated and the cartels will lose when the cannabis community competes and provides a better and more organic product and the money no longer supports the Cartels in the SOUTH LANDS.I am all for supporting our neighbors as long as we know the path of funds and what we are selling or buying.Transparency is needed along with a rigorous ethics committee with authority.Society is missing out on money that needs to be earmarked for social change by popular demand.When America Gets it's own Messy Yard in Order we may find that the issue is not as Menacing as before and The Task will have clarity and BE Righteous.The day that Cannabis is no longer a drug that Cartels want to smuggle will be a Victory for the United States in the Ignorant War on Drugs and Socially.GOD BLESS ALL

San Francisco The Golden Door

San Francisco is being criticized for adhering to the Principles that the Statue of Liberty was all about.What is wrong with welcoming our neighbors instead of hating these citizens of The Earth.The Western Hypocrisy of Telling East Germany and the Communist Bloc Soviet Nations they were casting a Shadow across Europe and chastising them for years and years and Then Waging war and Building Fences and walls themselves.The Hypocrisy that we demonstrated is unbelievable.Reagan was as Eloquent as Churchill when he made it clear that Walls and Fences don't work.Just as Churchill told of the Shadow Eastern Europe was casting on the Rest of Europe America has been Casting a shadow of their own lately on the Western Hemisphere.Why is San Francisco told we are not Patriotic because we don't want to be so Damn Exclusive.I am an Army Veteran who feels our Security is breached daily in the Ports yet we seem to have our Priorities mixed up.Oakland has an unsecured Port I would like to see have a sophisticated system of XRAYS,Sound Wave Technology,Trained Dolphins and Mine Detectors,Bomb sniffers and Nuclear Detectors.Instead America builds an Archaic Fence/Wall.China Built The Great Wall in Response to A Real Threat.What is The Threat?The "Mojados" are threatening to come over the Border work hard and get the job done.I suppose that is a Threat to the Lazy Ass who wants to be paid more for being less productive.San Francisco IS The Golden door that the torch is lifted to,we represent the true values of America and the rest of the country either loves us or hates us.I beg to differ when I hear the BS that San Francisco is Just liberal.San Francisco is Entirely WAY TOO LIBERAL and I love it.The Progressive Inclusive Policy to Welcome our Neighbors is a Tradition in San Francisco now and That is with the approval of Most of the citizens.We want the Criminals screened out of course.This can be done with a simple Registration process that keeps NO records and just checks warrants and issues ID cards saying they are warrant free.The same way the Cannabis card program was shielded from Federal Intervention these Guests can be Shielded and then we will know exactly who we let in the country.That is understandable and fair.The Laws that Arizona are making is as Criminal as The Drug Thugs they are trying to defeat.The fear of letting in Fugitives is Warranted so let's do something that is a compromise like the Registration and ID Cards that have NO RECORDS they are just proof of not being a Criminal.I am personally would like to see San Francisco implement this as part of their ID card Program.This can be a different part of that service using the infrastructure that already exists.This would be just a Little Conservative and when we know they are Good Citizens then our Great Liberal Policy Kicks in and we will Continue to be a Refuge like the Statues Message says:"Give me your Tired your Poor.Your Huddled masses yearning to be Free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these,The Homeless,tempest tossed to me.I Lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door."WE are that Golden Door San Francisco ,WE at least live up to the Image that France and Those European Countries saw at the end of the 19th Century.San Francisco can show the rest of the country WE CAN be Conservative when it is Appropriate Only.San Francisco has It's Issues to work out and be very conservative when it comes to dealing with Drug Thugs that sell drugs on the street in competition with other Dealers.San Francisco does not want to be a Golden Door to the Drug Cartels.The only way to deal with the Cartels is to take the Incentive out of the Equation and then the drug dealers left are Damn Good targets.San Francisco has a problem with the Street Drug Thugs and Sales and the Lack of Amsterdam style cafes to start our Harm reduction.San Francisco will be the Golden Door but it Will not be a Secret Door for Drug Thugs and Money Transfer.San Francisco needs to keep the Money in the Local Economy and The United States.Harm Reduction Centers are the Only way to go and prove San Francisco can come up with Alternative ways to combat the Drug Cartels without Building Useless Fences and Walls.OBAMA will not go after us,we need to act NOW and catch the Cannabis Industry Club Z wave.The Tourism behind such a venture will be as San Franciscan and Oaklandish as it gets.Time to GET the Deals for Marijuana off the corner NOW.Our Golden door is ready to compete with the world and instead of the damn Drug Cartels Making money on Cannabis San Francisco will be Using the Cannabis Tax and Non Profit approach to Ease Poverty and Promote The Homeless Independence Initiative and Alternatives to Addiction.The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the Most Progressive thinking Sectors on EARTH.We need to SET the Standards for the Future that will not be Considered Purely Liberal.Simply Put I am A Liberal Thinking Army Veteran who believes in Compromise.I am Proud that San Francisco is Letting Arizona know they are too overzealous.I have a response for their WE are too Liberal,DISARM them By Agreeing and Adjusting a Little to Take care of the Issue of WHO we are Letting in the Country.WE can have proof they are not a THREAT and that should Suffice.Then of Course over time they can take the Feds route to citizenship but they will be assured San Francisco will not interfere in their lives.San Francisco can become the Official Golden Door that is not Criticized and will be a True Example of "Best Practices".For San Francisco to DIG IN to the Liberal Corner and Arizona DIG IN to the Conservative corner leaves Confusion and Indifference that will never solve a Damn Thing.I believe That San Francisco Can Get It Right.There is many Parts of the country that seems to think we are all gay liberal sports hating(49ers leaving)liberal War Hating,Pot Smoking,Conservative Hating,Wine Drinking,More Pot Smoking,Art Gallery Time,Lunch Maybe Dinner and Catch a Movie,Fashion Victims Must Shop,Then we all Smoke More Pot and then Call it a night They may be right Except we are not all Gay,Rich,Pot Smokers or Fashion Victims we just don't hate each other WE and Live in Harmony for the Most part and it is Beautiful.Is That so Bad Arizona? GOD BLESS ALL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Me Your Tired Your Poor,CHANGE ORDER!!

The Statue of Liberty Has a Message that needs to be taught in school ASAP and taken seriously.The Fence at The Border of MEXICO is not in the Manifesto.This is a Travesty that is a National disgrace and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.The Message is Clear and as Follows: "Give me your tired your poor.Your huddled masses yearning to be free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these,the homeless,tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp beside the golden Door." I ask does America live up to this commitment.When France gave us the Statue of Liberty they saw a Nation Under God Divisible by none.They saw a Country that was taking in the Refugees of Europe and there was hatred then.The Hate for the Immigrant has been a Terrible part of American history as long as America has History.The Slave market was the ultimate hate for Forced immigrants.The Chinese at the Turn of the Century had already made plenty of sacrifices building infrastructure.Did they get the credit,NO!!The Contractor received the credit and the bonus.When the Train Tracks were joined at Promontory Utah were the Immigrants really appreciated for the cheap and expendable labor they were.Hate always shows it's ugly head during a Depression.The Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s was the result of the Bottom falling out of a Artificially inflated market and the same damn thing occurs and we act like there is a difference.There is no difference.The Fence at the Border was set in motion during the bush administration and the territory it is being placed in is mostly Conservative.This along with a recession makes the politics a hot potato.The excuse that the reason is security is quite WEAK and does not hold water.That does not matter to the Overzealous job protectors.This Fence at the Border is not what America is about.WE did not build this damn Fence when we were at war with Mexico and we don't need to build it now.This Fence/Wall of hate is the most insane Idea America ever had in the name of Security.This is literally a wall in some areas and a fence elsewhere with BERMS that make the Grade levels at a disadvantage coming from the south.This is such a huge engineering feat for hate.The Fence/Wall looks bad to the Citizens at the border who are used to the Open Country.A Virtual Wall would be more Politically Correct and would be Completely EEEEEfective.But the Idiots In Charge (IIC) have other Plans.I would love to hear a Real Good Reason for this Fence/wall.I am strapped for any good reasons at all.I guess it blocks the wind on a windy day.OH and THe Shade on the Shady side will be appreciated by the Future "Mojados"who are resting before they finish their journey.I so want them to be left ALONE.These MOJADOS are our GUESTS. GOD BLESS ALL

America is Silent About The Fence at Mexicos Border.

Americans Seem to be saying Nothing about The Fence/Wall being built at the Border of Mexico.They are Too damn Silent.This fence has become a focal point that will eventually spread across America when the other states start realizing the implications there are when we have these kind of hateful policies.When Arizona Made an Anti Immigrant Law they sent a strong message to Mexico that we have Disdain for their people.Do we see Mexico making Anti Gringo Laws and Hating us when we go to Mexico? NO we are welcomed and stripped of our cash(just Joking but it's almost true in a sense)and given a nice room and fed real well for a price of course but their are no free lunches.The difference is despairing and it isn't noticed unless you are on the receiving end of the hate.I can see the reaction in the US if the Mexicans dared to make such a law.Americans need to speak up and say NO MORE FENCE.This will be in time to Stop this fence from actually being completed.This is somewhat late in the game even though many miles have been placed much of the damage can be reversed.This is happening without to much Hassle because there is a conservative constituency in each of the regions that the construction has been completed that is strong.The Conservatives control the politics in Most of the Border States and they are real stealth and have built many miles of hate already before the environmental impact has been decided. They are on a Mission to complete enough of this fence so it will be more impossible to stop.Imagine being a Poor farmer in Mexico and this fence cuts off the wildlife from their property and that is what they need to survive .Tourism on the Border will become a thing of the Past.The Impact with the relations Will be worse over time because the fence will create a situation worse than it is now over the drugs and the Human Smuggling trade.The Ignorance is amazing and all in the name of security,BULLSHIT!!! A Harm reduction no brainer tells us to Take the Incentives away ad regulate the flow with kindness and A good PR campaign but like I said NO BRAINER.The Government won't do it if it makes sense.The Conservatives had their way when Bush was The President and The Wall/Fence was set in Motion then and will be hard to stop because of the Conservative influence in every region the fence will be built in.That is the nail in our Liberal Coffin and it sucks.This fence will become a National Disgrace and I can see the Republicans Distancing themselves once the Impact is Really Known.I SEE no Good Ending with this Issue unless the laws are changed as usual.The Laws we have on the books are Unenforceable at best.Laws that can't be enforced without such grief are useless and unfair to the poor as usual." Give Me Your Tired Poor.Your Huddled Masses Yearning to be free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send These,the Homeless,Tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door." Did these words say OH and build a fence on the Southern Border and be Bigots and Only Allow Europeans to travel in your land freely and exclude all Latin Americans ASAP,Change Order!!! I hope I have made my point and I will Hope for an end to the fence someday just Like The Berlin Wall and The Shadow the Iron Curtain Casted on Europe.GOD BLESS ALL

Was The Berlin Wall Loved That Much.

I am Beginning To Wonder if The Berlin Wall Was Missed So Much that a New Version is being built in The United States.I am seriously wondering will the Guard Towers and The Machine Gun Nests be Next.Does The Government give a damn what our neighbors think about us.This is the same Dialog that was happening when the Iron Curtain casted It's shadow over Europe.I Feel if Churchill were alive he would not agree with this wall.He was against a barrier during WW-2 for Practical,Environmental and Political reasons.Why can't we learn from the mistakes of others.This wall is not a "Best Practices" implementation that's for sure.This wall is "Worst Practices" for sure.The Cities that do not agree need to speak more loudly.I am a Service Connected Veteran and I Feel this is a waste of Taxpayers money.The most Ironic fact is the Illegal Immigrants working on the Project through Sub Contracts and Fake paperwork.I can see the Graffiti now and I know it will be a political message.Stop The Hate Now.These are our Neighbors and they need to be treated with respect.I feel we can have registration and all the visitors with warrants GOTTA GO or be arrested.The rest are Welcome as far as most of America is concerned.This is not a policy that is popular that's for sure.This wall will fall.President OBAMA TEAR THE WALL DOWN.You stand for Change and this is not the Proper Change.This wall was set in motion before the current administration and I thought for sure they would stop the Construction somehow.This is a political Hot Potato that no one wants to tackle yet.WHY DO WE NEED to Keep on Building a wall we will demolish in shame later.This is so Ignorant it makes me sick.I GET IT!! This is a Temporary stimulus to allow the trades some work and the demolition crews that are basically Latinos The Opportunity to Wreck it late and take all their frustration out on the wall.I suppose it will be Therapeutic.This is Sarcasm for all you idiots that were taking me seriously.I am such an asshole when I want to be.I am sick and tired of Bullshit hateful Politics under the Guise of Security.Give my Baby Boomer Ass a break this is not a secure wall.There will be breaches all over.That's IT!!! The USA is Spurning Small Business Growth in Juarez.Yes Imagine all the mini Cartels that will be sprouting up to Maneuver the "Mojados" Through the Pay Toll Tunnel.They arrive DRY and Happy but BROKE and owing a debt to a cartel.Does the Government want this or the Friendly Alternative.I may Joke around but this is serious and the Human beings that are Dying in their attempts to be Americans makes me cry sometimes.These Human Beings are not "Mojados" Their Our Brothers and Sisters and have FEELINGS and DREAMS.The hate is just so frustrating I will never be able to accept any of the excuses for the continued persecution of hard working Latinos,Muslims and Asians.The people smuggled in on cargo ships daily are not a priority and I want that stopped because of the danger.I once again want a safer alternative to smuggling but I am not going to see this in my lifetime.The Government worries about everything but the National Debt.WE are building walls and China is probably lending us the money to Build this wall and selling us some of the goods to construct the Wall.This may seem absurd but it's true.China is Totally sacrificing their own people in order to lend the USA money and then gain the Leverage. China wants to buy Property instead of invading it's cheaper and Legal the only set back is takes time.When people start to see what I am talking about they realize it is not CRAZY.The Container ships are loaded daily with all sorts of goods from China good and Bad.The Priorities of Allowing Container ships without inspection daily is stupid but we must stop the individuals who cross the border.I feel the container ship could carry Thousands times more contraband than one "MOJADO".This seems simple but they continue to build the Wall.I just want authority to make Ten changes in the world one day without hassle and this would be one Wall that would be History that day.To Eliminate All Ignorant Cannabis Laws would be The Next Move.The Cigarette Smokers would hate my Third Move to Eliminate Cigarettes.Think about the Next seven and I will get back in the Next Blogs.The Berlin Wall and The Iron Curtain are two lessons that seem powerful enough but Hypocrisy Rules at the moment.I remember the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie and all the Bad Karma Associated with the wall.WE are heading towards the same Legacy,OH JOY!!! GOD BLESS ALL

Big Fences Make Rude Neighbors.

Imagine what we must look like to the Mexican Citizens.I am talking about the image we are projecting to our Neighbors to the South is one of Exclusion and Hate.They see us as The RICH Neighbor that no longer wants to even SEE them,So they will build a Wall to keep you Away.This is so Absurd it seems almost Surreal as I am Blogging.Will I wake up soon and Realize it was all just a Bad Dream and The United States is not the Arrogant Hateful Neighbor after all.I have mixed ancestry in my Blood I am Italian,Mexican,German,Irish,and Native American.I am an American.This is what America is all about isn't it? I feel we accepted the role of Liberator and Refuge when we were given the statue of liberty by the French.They must have seen something them that isn't around now that's for sure.I am as patriotic as the next veteran but I refuse to mistake Patriotism for Fanaticism and hate EVERYONE who wants to enter OUR country.I am upset that this wall is being built under the Guise of Security for America.This is a travesty that will be regretted when we are made out to be the Hateful society we have become.I can see being careful and inspecting the Container ships more carefully that would be a priority that makes sense.To just CLOSE this country off from another is Preposterous and will never work.There will be multiple breaches and the joke will be on us.Thee will be an entire business born on the other side to breach the wall.They will get fairly creative I am sure of it and I want that creativity HERE if they want to be here.What do they have to Lose,Being deported,HAH HAH!!!!The Mexican part along with every other part of me is just cracking the fuck on up and will not stand for this crap.My Grandma had a hard time with the Prejudice and she never learned to accept it because she was right in being frustrated ,She did not Kiss WASP ass very well, and I am Proud that she was like that.I am a Baby Boomer who sees a Generation of Youth that will be the Guiding force of reason.My daughter is one of them she has Friends from all ethnic backgrounds and I am so happy of that,Her mom,Beth was fantastic in installing the Love Everyone ethic I am sure of it.Gina was cared for by a Muslim lady Kowsar and she was Great with Gina.That is what Oakland is and Gina is an Oakland Girl by Birth.This is why I can't understand all the hate that is out there in America.How does someone tell their Children not to Accept the People who are coming here to work.How can they make them out to be Criminals when they have Families and Feelings just like them.There are fanatics and criminals in all sectors so don't be blaming the Behavior of a few on the rest.This happens too much.Profiling is a way of life in America.The Police have to Profile to do their job there is no other way.I can accept that and look the other way if the Profiling is actually for the good of all.This will happen but then we apologize and move on.To just profile and Exclude no Breaks,The You Must Leave "Mojado" Policy of hate.I am appalled that websites have popped up with cameras placed at the border.They want VIRTUAL DEPUTIES. I signed up just to watch and Root for our New Guests as they make the Journey.I actually saw a Bust and it pissed me off.I wanted them to get away.I wanted to call Scottie and have them "Beamed Up"to the Enterprise and then beamed back to The United States.I wanted to call for "Mr Wizard" he always did such a great job Enabling Tudor the Turtle.Who figured America would be stepping up the Policy Of Exclusion.The Excuse of 911 is an old One.I am a Veteran who says that is more than just weak it's absurd.The only threat they Are is The Threat to Get the job done quickly.I understand there are some illegal citizens working for a sub contractor who is building the wall.This will be the ultimate Ironic hypocrisy of all times.These workers make the Irony Hilarious and A Powerful message and I just laugh when I think that it is probably true.This Policy will fail and The Walls Will Come tumbling Down.I Don't want to think we will have a wall that lasts as Long as The Great Wall of China.That wall was built when China was afraid of being invaded by the Mongol Hordes.That's It Genghis Khan is going to invade.We Americans don't need Our own version I am sure Mexico will not Invade.GOD BLESS ALL

The New Iron Curtain

I Will never be amazed at what can be done when Hate is the Motivating factor.Hate disguised as Patriotism is what I see here.Building a Wall on one border like we need to be an airtight vessel something.America is seaming up the borders like we must seal off the United States from our Neighbor.The Priorities of making this important when the containers on the ships are only partially inspected allowing millions of pounds of contraband daily.The Priority given to make sure the work force is not invaded is amazing.This is Not a security issue it is a JOBS issue.The fear that these hard working Latinos will take jobs is real.The Fear that 911 caused was a convenient vehicle for Politics at it's worse.This wall is bad enough Then Arizona enacts a Hateful Law that is AIMED directly at Mexicans and Latinos.This is such a Knee jerk response to the Cartels that will operate no matter what hateful laws they enact.So much of this anger is because of the Drug Wars that have happened at The Border recently and that is absurd because the simple hard working Citizens are victims two Fold sometimes.These laws just enrich the cartels giving them More money to smuggle the "Majados" for Their Life savings and an Obligation to do Illegal Activity in the USA once they arrive sometimes.The best way to nip this in the Butt is to take the reason away for them to make money.That seems the way to go but politics have made the Reality seem like something out of Hitlers and Stalin's Playbook.The Human trafficking is always going to happen unless the incentive is taken away.The Strict Laws create Illegal commerce for the Cartels and other low life scums who consider humans a commodity.This New Iron Curtain will Never work and will only become a magnet for illegal activity and even more dangerous than open borders.This will happen on the Canadian Border next.NEVER!! This is hate only reserved for the Poorer Neighbor.We Don't want to Insult our Richer neighbors.I Hope I have made a Point to someone Who was straddling the fence.I am an Army Veteran Who does not take the security of our Country lightly.I feel we need to tighten the security up in the Ports as soon as possible before there is a major Terrorist attack.This is Real and needs to be a Priority but instead our Government is wasting money building Stupid ass useless Walls while they ignore a HUGE BREACH.I want to be in charge for a day and This wall would be gone ASAP.I have pointed this out to a couple of the conservatives I know and they agree,NO SHIT!!This will be seen as a mistake soon and America will be back peddling like we do so often and I hope it is not too late for PORT security.PLEASE at least understand this HUGE breach in Security.I am in a Port City and I worry about the possibility of a HUGE ASS bomb going off here and The American Government will be looking Stupid.The days of worrying about a Missile attack is over.We don't have to worry about the Missiles when we have DAILY SECURITY BREACHES that are not a priority.I really do not see why people don't realize this reality.This has been an issue for quite some time.This was an issue during WW-2 and still is to this day.The Government does have it's stealth force in the Bay.I have seen some that are obviously security of a Governmental capacity.The Boats have that look.I am happy The Feds take some of this seriously but there still is a HUGE breach that seems Not important when so much priority is being placed on the Border at Mexico.Send a Letter to Your Senators and Let them know about the Breaches and the Priority Ignorance. GOD BLESS ALL

Mr Obama Bring Down This Fence

The Fence/Wall that is being built on the Border of Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,California and our Neighbor Mexico.I see Hypocrisy in World Class Proportions.We have the Statue of Liberty in The New York Harbor that reflects the Real Values of America.The Priority of building A Stupid Fence verses inspecting every container ship is amazing.I suppose a container ship could carry much more contraband than a SINGLE HUMAN BEING crossing over to work.The real issue here is Jobs.The Anger over the jobs lost in this economy has these hard working Latinos being the scapegoats and they are being Fenced out because the Fear that they work so hard that they will always be needed is real.They can't bear the truth that these people are not criminals.The Government is shutting out Family Oriented Workers trying to earn a living and help their family with remittances.I personally want registration of all citizens just so we know WHO we have here.The Reason is to Keep the Criminals out only.The state that supports this kind of inclusive Law will be addressing an Issue Properly instead of just Making ALL of the Human Beings who cross Criminals.That is wrong.They need a way to Register Right away and not get the BS Runaround that the US Government is good for.Registration should not lead to deportation unless you have warrants in the country you ran from.The Workers aren't running there Commuting.There is A Happy Middle ground that welcomes hard workers with a smile.These are the same workers that filled the Jobs no one wanted during Good times.The hypocrisy makes me Sick".Give Me Your Tired Poor Your Huddled Masses Yearning to be Free.The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore.Send These ,The Homeless,tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp Beside The Golden Door." Did these words mean a Damn Thing or not.San Francisco will be glad to take the Statue of Liberty and Continue with the Tradition of Inclusiveness.The Path to citizenship has become so strewn with Rules,Difficulty,Impersonal Investigations,Impersonal Appointments and Interviews,and Just General hate. I feel that some of these New Citizens want this so bad they are willing to go through anything as long as they can stay.Then the ultimate exclusive action was the fence.This fence is being built along some of the California border and is where we stand the best chance of tearing it down.I realize the Federal Government has PLANS and they will do what they WANT.I can't believe this is MY Government.I DON'T AGREE.I am a Disabled Service Connected Army Veteran who says we are making a Mistake we will regret.I refuse to Confuse Patriotism with Fanaticism.WE will be tearing the Fence down in 20 years or Less and replacing it with a VIRTUAL wall that will be more PC and as EEEEEffective(Get It) actually.I want the virtual wall so we Can register only and Welcome all workers who are not Criminals which is Most of them.Ronald Reagan had the Right idea when he asked Mr Gorbachev to tear the Berlin Wall down.The Iron Curtain was a Huge Mistake that is still causing disparities in the Classes.The Time is Now before we build any more of this hateful Fence.Mr Obama Tear Down This Fence/Wall. GOD BLESS ALL