Tuesday, May 18, 2010

911 Was Awful But No Excuse for Hate

America Was Attacked.

When America was Attacked on September 11th 2001 WE had a Rude Awakening.Innocent Citizens who never even heard of Al Qaeda were slaughtered anyway.This will always be an Emotional Issue for Many.That is understandable but that is no reason to Build a Barrier to Shut out Mexico.Security seems to be the reason yet the Border seems even more unsecure and extremely dangerous.These violent Criminals not only won't let a Barrier stop them they will profit on the Barrier.The Protection of the Job Market is the Real Reason.The Attack of September 11th did not come from Mexico or any Western Hemisphere Player.The Attacks came from Terrorists that were Born elsewhere.I read a Quote from a Wife of a Fireman who died on 911 one day and She said that the fence should not be built in her Husbands name he would not have approved.September 11th 2001 was a sad Day But Please let's not use this event to keep on being more and more exclusive.I will Never Dishonor what these Brave Public Servants did.There was not am American alive that was not affected somehow that day even if the Events happened A few Thousand miles away.I have heard New Yorkers say WE will never understand in California because it was too far away.I suppose the Grief and Violence was more real to them but we do share a Common Bond.There is a Better way to Secure Borders without Barriers.The Great Wall of Disdain and Intolerance is not the Way. GOD BLESS ALL

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