Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Fences Make Rude Neighbors.

Imagine what we must look like to the Mexican Citizens.I am talking about the image we are projecting to our Neighbors to the South is one of Exclusion and Hate.They see us as The RICH Neighbor that no longer wants to even SEE them,So they will build a Wall to keep you Away.This is so Absurd it seems almost Surreal as I am Blogging.Will I wake up soon and Realize it was all just a Bad Dream and The United States is not the Arrogant Hateful Neighbor after all.I have mixed ancestry in my Blood I am Italian,Mexican,German,Irish,and Native American.I am an American.This is what America is all about isn't it? I feel we accepted the role of Liberator and Refuge when we were given the statue of liberty by the French.They must have seen something them that isn't around now that's for sure.I am as patriotic as the next veteran but I refuse to mistake Patriotism for Fanaticism and hate EVERYONE who wants to enter OUR country.I am upset that this wall is being built under the Guise of Security for America.This is a travesty that will be regretted when we are made out to be the Hateful society we have become.I can see being careful and inspecting the Container ships more carefully that would be a priority that makes sense.To just CLOSE this country off from another is Preposterous and will never work.There will be multiple breaches and the joke will be on us.Thee will be an entire business born on the other side to breach the wall.They will get fairly creative I am sure of it and I want that creativity HERE if they want to be here.What do they have to Lose,Being deported,HAH HAH!!!!The Mexican part along with every other part of me is just cracking the fuck on up and will not stand for this crap.My Grandma had a hard time with the Prejudice and she never learned to accept it because she was right in being frustrated ,She did not Kiss WASP ass very well, and I am Proud that she was like that.I am a Baby Boomer who sees a Generation of Youth that will be the Guiding force of reason.My daughter is one of them she has Friends from all ethnic backgrounds and I am so happy of that,Her mom,Beth was fantastic in installing the Love Everyone ethic I am sure of it.Gina was cared for by a Muslim lady Kowsar and she was Great with Gina.That is what Oakland is and Gina is an Oakland Girl by Birth.This is why I can't understand all the hate that is out there in America.How does someone tell their Children not to Accept the People who are coming here to work.How can they make them out to be Criminals when they have Families and Feelings just like them.There are fanatics and criminals in all sectors so don't be blaming the Behavior of a few on the rest.This happens too much.Profiling is a way of life in America.The Police have to Profile to do their job there is no other way.I can accept that and look the other way if the Profiling is actually for the good of all.This will happen but then we apologize and move on.To just profile and Exclude no Breaks,The You Must Leave "Mojado" Policy of hate.I am appalled that websites have popped up with cameras placed at the border.They want VIRTUAL DEPUTIES. I signed up just to watch and Root for our New Guests as they make the Journey.I actually saw a Bust and it pissed me off.I wanted them to get away.I wanted to call Scottie and have them "Beamed Up"to the Enterprise and then beamed back to The United States.I wanted to call for "Mr Wizard" he always did such a great job Enabling Tudor the Turtle.Who figured America would be stepping up the Policy Of Exclusion.The Excuse of 911 is an old One.I am a Veteran who says that is more than just weak it's absurd.The only threat they Are is The Threat to Get the job done quickly.I understand there are some illegal citizens working for a sub contractor who is building the wall.This will be the ultimate Ironic hypocrisy of all times.These workers make the Irony Hilarious and A Powerful message and I just laugh when I think that it is probably true.This Policy will fail and The Walls Will Come tumbling Down.I Don't want to think we will have a wall that lasts as Long as The Great Wall of China.That wall was built when China was afraid of being invaded by the Mongol Hordes.That's It Genghis Khan is going to invade.We Americans don't need Our own version I am sure Mexico will not Invade.GOD BLESS ALL

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