Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Was The Berlin Wall Loved That Much.

I am Beginning To Wonder if The Berlin Wall Was Missed So Much that a New Version is being built in The United States.I am seriously wondering will the Guard Towers and The Machine Gun Nests be Next.Does The Government give a damn what our neighbors think about us.This is the same Dialog that was happening when the Iron Curtain casted It's shadow over Europe.I Feel if Churchill were alive he would not agree with this wall.He was against a barrier during WW-2 for Practical,Environmental and Political reasons.Why can't we learn from the mistakes of others.This wall is not a "Best Practices" implementation that's for sure.This wall is "Worst Practices" for sure.The Cities that do not agree need to speak more loudly.I am a Service Connected Veteran and I Feel this is a waste of Taxpayers money.The most Ironic fact is the Illegal Immigrants working on the Project through Sub Contracts and Fake paperwork.I can see the Graffiti now and I know it will be a political message.Stop The Hate Now.These are our Neighbors and they need to be treated with respect.I feel we can have registration and all the visitors with warrants GOTTA GO or be arrested.The rest are Welcome as far as most of America is concerned.This is not a policy that is popular that's for sure.This wall will fall.President OBAMA TEAR THE WALL DOWN.You stand for Change and this is not the Proper Change.This wall was set in motion before the current administration and I thought for sure they would stop the Construction somehow.This is a political Hot Potato that no one wants to tackle yet.WHY DO WE NEED to Keep on Building a wall we will demolish in shame later.This is so Ignorant it makes me sick.I GET IT!! This is a Temporary stimulus to allow the trades some work and the demolition crews that are basically Latinos The Opportunity to Wreck it late and take all their frustration out on the wall.I suppose it will be Therapeutic.This is Sarcasm for all you idiots that were taking me seriously.I am such an asshole when I want to be.I am sick and tired of Bullshit hateful Politics under the Guise of Security.Give my Baby Boomer Ass a break this is not a secure wall.There will be breaches all over.That's IT!!! The USA is Spurning Small Business Growth in Juarez.Yes Imagine all the mini Cartels that will be sprouting up to Maneuver the "Mojados" Through the Pay Toll Tunnel.They arrive DRY and Happy but BROKE and owing a debt to a cartel.Does the Government want this or the Friendly Alternative.I may Joke around but this is serious and the Human beings that are Dying in their attempts to be Americans makes me cry sometimes.These Human Beings are not "Mojados" Their Our Brothers and Sisters and have FEELINGS and DREAMS.The hate is just so frustrating I will never be able to accept any of the excuses for the continued persecution of hard working Latinos,Muslims and Asians.The people smuggled in on cargo ships daily are not a priority and I want that stopped because of the danger.I once again want a safer alternative to smuggling but I am not going to see this in my lifetime.The Government worries about everything but the National Debt.WE are building walls and China is probably lending us the money to Build this wall and selling us some of the goods to construct the Wall.This may seem absurd but it's true.China is Totally sacrificing their own people in order to lend the USA money and then gain the Leverage. China wants to buy Property instead of invading it's cheaper and Legal the only set back is takes time.When people start to see what I am talking about they realize it is not CRAZY.The Container ships are loaded daily with all sorts of goods from China good and Bad.The Priorities of Allowing Container ships without inspection daily is stupid but we must stop the individuals who cross the border.I feel the container ship could carry Thousands times more contraband than one "MOJADO".This seems simple but they continue to build the Wall.I just want authority to make Ten changes in the world one day without hassle and this would be one Wall that would be History that day.To Eliminate All Ignorant Cannabis Laws would be The Next Move.The Cigarette Smokers would hate my Third Move to Eliminate Cigarettes.Think about the Next seven and I will get back in the Next Blogs.The Berlin Wall and The Iron Curtain are two lessons that seem powerful enough but Hypocrisy Rules at the moment.I remember the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie and all the Bad Karma Associated with the wall.WE are heading towards the same Legacy,OH JOY!!! GOD BLESS ALL

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