Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Did The Fence Become The Answer??

How Did This Fence /Wall Become the Answer?This is The 21st Century isn't it?These Kind of Barriers are not Needed when there is the Technology to develop something different.

The New Ironic Curtain.There Were some Illegal Latino workers building the Fence/ wall.They will be available to tear it down later too!

The Tunnels That will Be built to accommodate the Guests will be elaborate and some will be Crude.The Crude ones will end up Caving in and there will be many humans Buried alive in their quest to Be American.

This Cartoon Says it Perfectly.The USA will build a 20 Foot fence and Raul will sell 21 Foot Ladders.The Black Market Business will sprout up like Flowers All along the Border.

Barriers that are so Controversial seem hard to build unless the president happened to be Republican at the time and the rest of the country was being fed security scare stories about the Drug War in Mexico and The After Lash of 911.That is all an Excuse though because the real reason is JOBS.The economy taking a nose dive was perfect timing for the Fence supporters.They wanted this fence at any expense.These Overzealous Protectionists can care less about the effect on wildlife and the Deaths it would cause because of the Black market activity that will follow.This one cartoon says it Perfectly.The Cartoon shows the US Building a 20 foot wall and Raul selling 21 foot ladders.This was so funny I am Laughing as I blog.Then the Tunnels that are going to be built will be bigger than the Chunnel between France and England.History will tell the Huge Mistake the United States is making.History will have statistics to prove it.I will not be Alive when the Fence/Wall is torn down because I am a Baby Boomer.The Idea of a Virtual Barrier seemed to work but Boeing turned that into a Fiasco real quick.The Technology is there we just need to develop it.That would be much more Politically correct than an Ugly Fence that is not nice to the wildlife that has NO WORD in the whole debate.WE are speaking up for them.Just consider me a six foot one wild animal and I am PISSED OFF about his stupid Fence.I may be redundant about some of this but for good reasons this is totally unacceptable.That can be Expected from the Ignorance of the Bush administration but the Obama administration has not even touched this political hot potato with a million foot pole.For The Sake of the Human Lives That will be Lost Please Tear The Fence/Wall Down.The Animals ALSO Ask You Obama Tear This Border Fence Down.GOD BLESS ALL

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  1. REALLY? This is not the same as the Berlin wall...illegals from ANOTHER COUNTRY are trying to come to the US. Get a clue


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