Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Obama Bring Down This Fence

The Fence/Wall that is being built on the Border of Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,California and our Neighbor Mexico.I see Hypocrisy in World Class Proportions.We have the Statue of Liberty in The New York Harbor that reflects the Real Values of America.The Priority of building A Stupid Fence verses inspecting every container ship is amazing.I suppose a container ship could carry much more contraband than a SINGLE HUMAN BEING crossing over to work.The real issue here is Jobs.The Anger over the jobs lost in this economy has these hard working Latinos being the scapegoats and they are being Fenced out because the Fear that they work so hard that they will always be needed is real.They can't bear the truth that these people are not criminals.The Government is shutting out Family Oriented Workers trying to earn a living and help their family with remittances.I personally want registration of all citizens just so we know WHO we have here.The Reason is to Keep the Criminals out only.The state that supports this kind of inclusive Law will be addressing an Issue Properly instead of just Making ALL of the Human Beings who cross Criminals.That is wrong.They need a way to Register Right away and not get the BS Runaround that the US Government is good for.Registration should not lead to deportation unless you have warrants in the country you ran from.The Workers aren't running there Commuting.There is A Happy Middle ground that welcomes hard workers with a smile.These are the same workers that filled the Jobs no one wanted during Good times.The hypocrisy makes me Sick".Give Me Your Tired Poor Your Huddled Masses Yearning to be Free.The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore.Send These ,The Homeless,tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp Beside The Golden Door." Did these words mean a Damn Thing or not.San Francisco will be glad to take the Statue of Liberty and Continue with the Tradition of Inclusiveness.The Path to citizenship has become so strewn with Rules,Difficulty,Impersonal Investigations,Impersonal Appointments and Interviews,and Just General hate. I feel that some of these New Citizens want this so bad they are willing to go through anything as long as they can stay.Then the ultimate exclusive action was the fence.This fence is being built along some of the California border and is where we stand the best chance of tearing it down.I realize the Federal Government has PLANS and they will do what they WANT.I can't believe this is MY Government.I DON'T AGREE.I am a Disabled Service Connected Army Veteran who says we are making a Mistake we will regret.I refuse to Confuse Patriotism with Fanaticism.WE will be tearing the Fence down in 20 years or Less and replacing it with a VIRTUAL wall that will be more PC and as EEEEEffective(Get It) actually.I want the virtual wall so we Can register only and Welcome all workers who are not Criminals which is Most of them.Ronald Reagan had the Right idea when he asked Mr Gorbachev to tear the Berlin Wall down.The Iron Curtain was a Huge Mistake that is still causing disparities in the Classes.The Time is Now before we build any more of this hateful Fence.Mr Obama Tear Down This Fence/Wall. GOD BLESS ALL

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  1. I disagree with your story. A border wall is probably a bad idea, but you can't equate an international border with the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall divided a city; an international border divides nothing. Should the US respect Mexico's right to national sovereignty? Of course, and they should respect ours! You are also wrong in saying all they want to do is become American? That is ridiculous. If that were true, why do they wave the Mexican flag and say they are going to take over? They come here for financial opportunity, nothing else. Most of those who come here can't cut it in their own country. Most are uneducated, unskilled, many are unintelligent and can't read or write in their own language. Many are criminals and engage in criminal behavior when they get here. They have no respect for Americans, American law, or our country either. America is not a refuge for all the underprivileged people of the world. A billion people are poised and ready to enter the US! Does anyone believe that's sustainable? Third worlders are being brought here to turn the US into a third world country. We are being attacked and invaded in a soft, quiet, cold war. Now US citizens are being ordered by their government to pay for medical insurance for 10 million illegal aliens! They just want to be American. You're ridiculous.


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