Wednesday, May 12, 2010

America is Silent About The Fence at Mexicos Border.

Americans Seem to be saying Nothing about The Fence/Wall being built at the Border of Mexico.They are Too damn Silent.This fence has become a focal point that will eventually spread across America when the other states start realizing the implications there are when we have these kind of hateful policies.When Arizona Made an Anti Immigrant Law they sent a strong message to Mexico that we have Disdain for their people.Do we see Mexico making Anti Gringo Laws and Hating us when we go to Mexico? NO we are welcomed and stripped of our cash(just Joking but it's almost true in a sense)and given a nice room and fed real well for a price of course but their are no free lunches.The difference is despairing and it isn't noticed unless you are on the receiving end of the hate.I can see the reaction in the US if the Mexicans dared to make such a law.Americans need to speak up and say NO MORE FENCE.This will be in time to Stop this fence from actually being completed.This is somewhat late in the game even though many miles have been placed much of the damage can be reversed.This is happening without to much Hassle because there is a conservative constituency in each of the regions that the construction has been completed that is strong.The Conservatives control the politics in Most of the Border States and they are real stealth and have built many miles of hate already before the environmental impact has been decided. They are on a Mission to complete enough of this fence so it will be more impossible to stop.Imagine being a Poor farmer in Mexico and this fence cuts off the wildlife from their property and that is what they need to survive .Tourism on the Border will become a thing of the Past.The Impact with the relations Will be worse over time because the fence will create a situation worse than it is now over the drugs and the Human Smuggling trade.The Ignorance is amazing and all in the name of security,BULLSHIT!!! A Harm reduction no brainer tells us to Take the Incentives away ad regulate the flow with kindness and A good PR campaign but like I said NO BRAINER.The Government won't do it if it makes sense.The Conservatives had their way when Bush was The President and The Wall/Fence was set in Motion then and will be hard to stop because of the Conservative influence in every region the fence will be built in.That is the nail in our Liberal Coffin and it sucks.This fence will become a National Disgrace and I can see the Republicans Distancing themselves once the Impact is Really Known.I SEE no Good Ending with this Issue unless the laws are changed as usual.The Laws we have on the books are Unenforceable at best.Laws that can't be enforced without such grief are useless and unfair to the poor as usual." Give Me Your Tired Poor.Your Huddled Masses Yearning to be free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send These,the Homeless,Tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door." Did these words say OH and build a fence on the Southern Border and be Bigots and Only Allow Europeans to travel in your land freely and exclude all Latin Americans ASAP,Change Order!!! I hope I have made my point and I will Hope for an end to the fence someday just Like The Berlin Wall and The Shadow the Iron Curtain Casted on Europe.GOD BLESS ALL


  1. You need to proofread your articles, Tim. When you use the wrong 'their' instead of 'there' you lose credibility and look like an uneducated person.

    1. Maybe so but damn I hate ass holes like you picking like that. Go fuck your self


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