Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken Social Scene

America has a Broken Social Scene and the Solutions aren't to secure borders by building Barriers.The Prisons in America are Full of Citizens who have done drug offenses.Many of these incarcerated citizens are in for cannabis.Imagine the money wasted not only Prosecuting these Citizens but the lost tax revenue is a shame.Competition with the Cartels for the cannabis business is what will take some of the incentive away.The Profit from marijuana can be taken from these Cartels and used for social change and Security through Education.America Busts Cannabis sellers on the corner instead of competing with the cartels and using the cannabis profit to fight The Real Menace Poverty and Lack of Education or an Alluring Alternative.The Negative Incentive will be eliminated and the cartels will lose when the cannabis community competes and provides a better and more organic product and the money no longer supports the Cartels in the SOUTH LANDS.I am all for supporting our neighbors as long as we know the path of funds and what we are selling or buying.Transparency is needed along with a rigorous ethics committee with authority.Society is missing out on money that needs to be earmarked for social change by popular demand.When America Gets it's own Messy Yard in Order we may find that the issue is not as Menacing as before and The Task will have clarity and BE Righteous.The day that Cannabis is no longer a drug that Cartels want to smuggle will be a Victory for the United States in the Ignorant War on Drugs and Socially.GOD BLESS ALL

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