Saturday, July 24, 2010

Justice For Dunkin, Dog

Governor Jan Brewer do You Care if Your Cops Murder Service dogs With Ignorance?The Buck Needs to Stop at Your Desk Jan.Then the Buck Needs to be Be Passed to The Feds For an Addition on the American for Disabilities Act.Want to do Something Good Politically Jan Brewer Help This Become Reality.OTHERWISE,Want to Read and Hear a Sick Tale of Arizona Police Brutalizing A 120 Pound Disabled Woman Rosamaria and Killing Her Service Dog With Ignorance and Apathy?The Entire Story is On The Blog Justice For Dunkin.That's The Truth will prevail and Justice will be served.The Injustice will not just be swept under the rug.This is Two-fold Brutality Jan Brewer.Rosamaria was Bruised and Her Dog was Killed.They Had Mistaken her for someone and The Cops Apathy and Ignorance Showed.
Does Arizona Need a Law to Protect The Citizens from Ignorant Cops.The answer should be No.The Reality is Yes we do need such a Law.The Way To Restrain needs to be reviewed.The Woman has MS and They didn't Care.The BS Treatment they give Thugs everyday Isn't needed for 120 Pound Tourists From the East Coast.WTF is Your Trip SOTO you Are a Bully Cop.What was Her crime,Driving while LOOKING LIBERAL.That is Great Hospitality Arizona.Will you Include This In your Future ADs For Tourists.Come to Arizona See Nature and Have your Service Dog Murdered All in one Week.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety My Ass.The Behavior The Officers Had was Not Public Safety it was Bullying with a BADGE.Rosamaria is 130 Pounds dripping wet and they had her restrained then She had to watch the world Be Ignorant before her and Remain Restrained and Powerless.To be Powerless over such Ignorance and Have to watch Too was Truly Torture.The Cops Killed her Dog with Ignorance.

The Cowboy In Charge Soto Thinks he is Going to Get over.Soto you are Now Nationally Known as a Scum Bag Cowboy Cop.You Smear the Reputation of The Good Troopers.I am sure they Agree.This is Not a fabrication on Rosamarias Part and She will win a settlement and that will not mean a damn thing if Something isn't done to stop future Ignorance.Dunkins Law Needs to Go Beyond the Service Animal to the Human and Animal Bond and The well being of BOTH.Rosamaria was suffering and so did Dunkin in the Control of Officer Doofus Soto.Officer Soto are you proud of your Actions?

This woman did not Do a Thing wrong.When they figured that out and Started Back Peddling it is Too late.The Law Needs to be Passed and SOTO Needs to be Made a Disgrace for being so Apathetic.He Care Only About Looking Good and Profiling.To Put People In Custody in Hot Cars Without A Disability is Cruel.I Have Lived First Hand The Misery a Cop Can Dish Out and get away with it.When will this End ? Never.Apathy for The Disabled and Apathy in General is the NORM for Society.Sad But True.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jan Brewer Vs Obama

There is a Showdown in the US Corral Happening.The United States Vs Jan Brewer.SShe has Obama Pissed off for sure.Jan Brewer is a World class shit swizzle stick.She is almost as Good at Stirring Up Political Crap as Jessie Jackson.

This Graffiti Tag Tells it All.The Statue of Liberty Armed with an Automatic Weapon.

The Real Issue Will always be the Demand.Americas Addiction is feeding the Machine everyday.America is Angry and America wants the drugs and To Place all Blame on Mexico.

The Violence will continue as long as the demand remains so strong.The Only way to make a difference will be with Harm Reduction.

The Victims of the Drug War are always Low Level Pawns.The Citizens who end Up in Jail most of the time are Low Level Pawns.These Low Level Pawns are replaceable.No Sooner they are arrested a Replacement Shows Up.This can go on Forever.The Cartels don't care what it costs the system.There need to be Immigration Reform and Easy ways to Register.This can be done if the Government wants it.There is a Compromise.Deadlock will become American Politics Soon enough if the elections go Bad.The Lies are Flying so it's Politics as usual.GOD BLESS ALL