Monday, July 12, 2010

Jan Brewer Vs Obama

There is a Showdown in the US Corral Happening.The United States Vs Jan Brewer.SShe has Obama Pissed off for sure.Jan Brewer is a World class shit swizzle stick.She is almost as Good at Stirring Up Political Crap as Jessie Jackson.

This Graffiti Tag Tells it All.The Statue of Liberty Armed with an Automatic Weapon.

The Real Issue Will always be the Demand.Americas Addiction is feeding the Machine everyday.America is Angry and America wants the drugs and To Place all Blame on Mexico.

The Violence will continue as long as the demand remains so strong.The Only way to make a difference will be with Harm Reduction.

The Victims of the Drug War are always Low Level Pawns.The Citizens who end Up in Jail most of the time are Low Level Pawns.These Low Level Pawns are replaceable.No Sooner they are arrested a Replacement Shows Up.This can go on Forever.The Cartels don't care what it costs the system.There need to be Immigration Reform and Easy ways to Register.This can be done if the Government wants it.There is a Compromise.Deadlock will become American Politics Soon enough if the elections go Bad.The Lies are Flying so it's Politics as usual.GOD BLESS ALL

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