Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Me Your Tired Your Poor,CHANGE ORDER!!

The Statue of Liberty Has a Message that needs to be taught in school ASAP and taken seriously.The Fence at The Border of MEXICO is not in the Manifesto.This is a Travesty that is a National disgrace and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.The Message is Clear and as Follows: "Give me your tired your poor.Your huddled masses yearning to be free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these,the homeless,tempest tossed to me.I lift my Lamp beside the golden Door." I ask does America live up to this commitment.When France gave us the Statue of Liberty they saw a Nation Under God Divisible by none.They saw a Country that was taking in the Refugees of Europe and there was hatred then.The Hate for the Immigrant has been a Terrible part of American history as long as America has History.The Slave market was the ultimate hate for Forced immigrants.The Chinese at the Turn of the Century had already made plenty of sacrifices building infrastructure.Did they get the credit,NO!!The Contractor received the credit and the bonus.When the Train Tracks were joined at Promontory Utah were the Immigrants really appreciated for the cheap and expendable labor they were.Hate always shows it's ugly head during a Depression.The Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s was the result of the Bottom falling out of a Artificially inflated market and the same damn thing occurs and we act like there is a difference.There is no difference.The Fence at the Border was set in motion during the bush administration and the territory it is being placed in is mostly Conservative.This along with a recession makes the politics a hot potato.The excuse that the reason is security is quite WEAK and does not hold water.That does not matter to the Overzealous job protectors.This Fence at the Border is not what America is about.WE did not build this damn Fence when we were at war with Mexico and we don't need to build it now.This Fence/Wall of hate is the most insane Idea America ever had in the name of Security.This is literally a wall in some areas and a fence elsewhere with BERMS that make the Grade levels at a disadvantage coming from the south.This is such a huge engineering feat for hate.The Fence/Wall looks bad to the Citizens at the border who are used to the Open Country.A Virtual Wall would be more Politically Correct and would be Completely EEEEEfective.But the Idiots In Charge (IIC) have other Plans.I would love to hear a Real Good Reason for this Fence/wall.I am strapped for any good reasons at all.I guess it blocks the wind on a windy day.OH and THe Shade on the Shady side will be appreciated by the Future "Mojados"who are resting before they finish their journey.I so want them to be left ALONE.These MOJADOS are our GUESTS. GOD BLESS ALL

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