Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Francisco The Golden Door

San Francisco is being criticized for adhering to the Principles that the Statue of Liberty was all about.What is wrong with welcoming our neighbors instead of hating these citizens of The Earth.The Western Hypocrisy of Telling East Germany and the Communist Bloc Soviet Nations they were casting a Shadow across Europe and chastising them for years and years and Then Waging war and Building Fences and walls themselves.The Hypocrisy that we demonstrated is unbelievable.Reagan was as Eloquent as Churchill when he made it clear that Walls and Fences don't work.Just as Churchill told of the Shadow Eastern Europe was casting on the Rest of Europe America has been Casting a shadow of their own lately on the Western Hemisphere.Why is San Francisco told we are not Patriotic because we don't want to be so Damn Exclusive.I am an Army Veteran who feels our Security is breached daily in the Ports yet we seem to have our Priorities mixed up.Oakland has an unsecured Port I would like to see have a sophisticated system of XRAYS,Sound Wave Technology,Trained Dolphins and Mine Detectors,Bomb sniffers and Nuclear Detectors.Instead America builds an Archaic Fence/Wall.China Built The Great Wall in Response to A Real Threat.What is The Threat?The "Mojados" are threatening to come over the Border work hard and get the job done.I suppose that is a Threat to the Lazy Ass who wants to be paid more for being less productive.San Francisco IS The Golden door that the torch is lifted to,we represent the true values of America and the rest of the country either loves us or hates us.I beg to differ when I hear the BS that San Francisco is Just liberal.San Francisco is Entirely WAY TOO LIBERAL and I love it.The Progressive Inclusive Policy to Welcome our Neighbors is a Tradition in San Francisco now and That is with the approval of Most of the citizens.We want the Criminals screened out of course.This can be done with a simple Registration process that keeps NO records and just checks warrants and issues ID cards saying they are warrant free.The same way the Cannabis card program was shielded from Federal Intervention these Guests can be Shielded and then we will know exactly who we let in the country.That is understandable and fair.The Laws that Arizona are making is as Criminal as The Drug Thugs they are trying to defeat.The fear of letting in Fugitives is Warranted so let's do something that is a compromise like the Registration and ID Cards that have NO RECORDS they are just proof of not being a Criminal.I am personally would like to see San Francisco implement this as part of their ID card Program.This can be a different part of that service using the infrastructure that already exists.This would be just a Little Conservative and when we know they are Good Citizens then our Great Liberal Policy Kicks in and we will Continue to be a Refuge like the Statues Message says:"Give me your Tired your Poor.Your Huddled masses yearning to be Free.The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these,The Homeless,tempest tossed to me.I Lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door."WE are that Golden Door San Francisco ,WE at least live up to the Image that France and Those European Countries saw at the end of the 19th Century.San Francisco can show the rest of the country WE CAN be Conservative when it is Appropriate Only.San Francisco has It's Issues to work out and be very conservative when it comes to dealing with Drug Thugs that sell drugs on the street in competition with other Dealers.San Francisco does not want to be a Golden Door to the Drug Cartels.The only way to deal with the Cartels is to take the Incentive out of the Equation and then the drug dealers left are Damn Good targets.San Francisco has a problem with the Street Drug Thugs and Sales and the Lack of Amsterdam style cafes to start our Harm reduction.San Francisco will be the Golden Door but it Will not be a Secret Door for Drug Thugs and Money Transfer.San Francisco needs to keep the Money in the Local Economy and The United States.Harm Reduction Centers are the Only way to go and prove San Francisco can come up with Alternative ways to combat the Drug Cartels without Building Useless Fences and Walls.OBAMA will not go after us,we need to act NOW and catch the Cannabis Industry Club Z wave.The Tourism behind such a venture will be as San Franciscan and Oaklandish as it gets.Time to GET the Deals for Marijuana off the corner NOW.Our Golden door is ready to compete with the world and instead of the damn Drug Cartels Making money on Cannabis San Francisco will be Using the Cannabis Tax and Non Profit approach to Ease Poverty and Promote The Homeless Independence Initiative and Alternatives to Addiction.The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the Most Progressive thinking Sectors on EARTH.We need to SET the Standards for the Future that will not be Considered Purely Liberal.Simply Put I am A Liberal Thinking Army Veteran who believes in Compromise.I am Proud that San Francisco is Letting Arizona know they are too overzealous.I have a response for their WE are too Liberal,DISARM them By Agreeing and Adjusting a Little to Take care of the Issue of WHO we are Letting in the Country.WE can have proof they are not a THREAT and that should Suffice.Then of Course over time they can take the Feds route to citizenship but they will be assured San Francisco will not interfere in their lives.San Francisco can become the Official Golden Door that is not Criticized and will be a True Example of "Best Practices".For San Francisco to DIG IN to the Liberal Corner and Arizona DIG IN to the Conservative corner leaves Confusion and Indifference that will never solve a Damn Thing.I believe That San Francisco Can Get It Right.There is many Parts of the country that seems to think we are all gay liberal sports hating(49ers leaving)liberal War Hating,Pot Smoking,Conservative Hating,Wine Drinking,More Pot Smoking,Art Gallery Time,Lunch Maybe Dinner and Catch a Movie,Fashion Victims Must Shop,Then we all Smoke More Pot and then Call it a night They may be right Except we are not all Gay,Rich,Pot Smokers or Fashion Victims we just don't hate each other WE and Live in Harmony for the Most part and it is Beautiful.Is That so Bad Arizona? GOD BLESS ALL

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