Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop The Hate

The Hate that is disguised as Patriotism is not what our founding Fathers wanted I'm sure of it.This is a true case of A Mistaken Threat that is only a Fraction of the Actual Threat that the Ports are and America Still builds Fences instead of securing Ports.This is not an attempt at anything short of Fencing our Neighbors out.This Hate was not Necessary during the Mexican American War why is it Needed Now.The True reason is Hate.The Hate for these citizens of the World and fear of a drug war that is going to be an issue no matter what.The same One World Order that Bush was yapping about,or was he yapping about Ordering People around.Bush clearly made me sick when he facilitated the Building of this Fence/Wall.The Congress was acting like a deer caught in the headlights and fear made the decision they say.The real reason was JOBS.This was one real hypocrisy in action when the Building of a Fence was ordered without even a debate reminding the Congress about Churchill's speech about the Iron curtain that "casted it's shadow on Europe",nor a word about Reagan's Speech to Gorbachev to "tear down this wall"inferring to the Berlin Wall.The Hypocrisy is amazing when Phony Security threats are blown up and Jobs are threatened during a recession.Then the fact that most of the Fence/Wall is being built on Conservative areas,even the zone in California has Conservative politics therefore the opposition was not as great as it should have been.Imagine the Idea of Mexico coming up with the plan first I feel they would have been criticized by the Americans who would have been offended.This is blatant hate that needs to Stop now.Stop The Hate America.Mexico was not compensated for California what California was worth.Mexico is a Poor Country that is manipulated by our Government completely and totally.America forgave the War Debts and Handed over some pocket change,Nothing close to the true value now.The Cessation was a sham and Then this hate was salt and alcohol rubbed in the wounds of our Relationship.I feel there aren't too many history buffs out there because this BS is not being Confronted for what it is HATE.I may be just ONE voice But i feel that many citizens feel the same.Send a Letter to Congress telling them what you think and reminding them about the Statue of Liberty and History. GOD BLESS ALL

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