Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There is a Better Way

I Feel There is a Better Alternative to Security at the Border without Fencing Mexico out.The First Change is for A Virtual Wall to be Installed with Ready Response Teams to check on Breaches.Imagine someone sitting at a Computer with all the Virtual Barriers in Place.The Wall Actually Provides cover for some of these breaches.The Wall even Blocks Ground Radar.While this fence is being finished and the Reality Sets In there will be new Problems and Issues that arise from the Fence.Really Now if the United States Government thinks it can Keep this Very Long fence from being breached for Profit they are totally Ignorant.Then the Ports are really not secure but we build Fences.The Dolphin Mine Program is one that needs to be expanded.There also needs to be a Sophisticated system of Container X-rays and Sound Wave Technology at the Port.Then the Need for Nuclear detectors may be needed but would seem ignorant if the Bomb was detected just before it went off.There are so many Technologies available to assist the United States in the Goal of Security without Using a Fence.The Fence just seems so Primitive.That is what China Had to do when there was no technology.The Great wall was the Only Solution at the Time.The United States has so many alternatives.GOD BLESS ALL

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