Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Iron Curtain

I Will never be amazed at what can be done when Hate is the Motivating factor.Hate disguised as Patriotism is what I see here.Building a Wall on one border like we need to be an airtight vessel something.America is seaming up the borders like we must seal off the United States from our Neighbor.The Priorities of making this important when the containers on the ships are only partially inspected allowing millions of pounds of contraband daily.The Priority given to make sure the work force is not invaded is amazing.This is Not a security issue it is a JOBS issue.The fear that these hard working Latinos will take jobs is real.The Fear that 911 caused was a convenient vehicle for Politics at it's worse.This wall is bad enough Then Arizona enacts a Hateful Law that is AIMED directly at Mexicans and Latinos.This is such a Knee jerk response to the Cartels that will operate no matter what hateful laws they enact.So much of this anger is because of the Drug Wars that have happened at The Border recently and that is absurd because the simple hard working Citizens are victims two Fold sometimes.These laws just enrich the cartels giving them More money to smuggle the "Majados" for Their Life savings and an Obligation to do Illegal Activity in the USA once they arrive sometimes.The best way to nip this in the Butt is to take the reason away for them to make money.That seems the way to go but politics have made the Reality seem like something out of Hitlers and Stalin's Playbook.The Human trafficking is always going to happen unless the incentive is taken away.The Strict Laws create Illegal commerce for the Cartels and other low life scums who consider humans a commodity.This New Iron Curtain will Never work and will only become a magnet for illegal activity and even more dangerous than open borders.This will happen on the Canadian Border next.NEVER!! This is hate only reserved for the Poorer Neighbor.We Don't want to Insult our Richer neighbors.I Hope I have made a Point to someone Who was straddling the fence.I am an Army Veteran Who does not take the security of our Country lightly.I feel we need to tighten the security up in the Ports as soon as possible before there is a major Terrorist attack.This is Real and needs to be a Priority but instead our Government is wasting money building Stupid ass useless Walls while they ignore a HUGE BREACH.I want to be in charge for a day and This wall would be gone ASAP.I have pointed this out to a couple of the conservatives I know and they agree,NO SHIT!!This will be seen as a mistake soon and America will be back peddling like we do so often and I hope it is not too late for PORT security.PLEASE at least understand this HUGE breach in Security.I am in a Port City and I worry about the possibility of a HUGE ASS bomb going off here and The American Government will be looking Stupid.The days of worrying about a Missile attack is over.We don't have to worry about the Missiles when we have DAILY SECURITY BREACHES that are not a priority.I really do not see why people don't realize this reality.This has been an issue for quite some time.This was an issue during WW-2 and still is to this day.The Government does have it's stealth force in the Bay.I have seen some that are obviously security of a Governmental capacity.The Boats have that look.I am happy The Feds take some of this seriously but there still is a HUGE breach that seems Not important when so much priority is being placed on the Border at Mexico.Send a Letter to Your Senators and Let them know about the Breaches and the Priority Ignorance. GOD BLESS ALL

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